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Our Mission

One of the Asia Mining Club’s prime purposes is educational; to assist members’ understanding of local and global resource projects and learning from the owners and developers as to their experiences in different commodities, financial markets and geographic regions. The Asia Mining Club is also to assist members’ understanding of local and global regulatory issues and the changes which occur almost continually.

The Asia Mining Club functions with some key underlying principles:

The Club intends to create a simple and fulfilling experience for all members; this will be executed through effortless systems to be involved with the Club. The aim is for the members to comprehend that an uncomplicated atmosphere is available for their involvement.

The Club recognises all surrounding industries that support the mining and resources sector.

Active Presentations at Events
Prepare speakers to take a lively ‘current affairs’ outlook to their story and to constructively present issues that are of importance to the mining sector in Asia.

Dedication to Members
Reminding all members at all time that they own the club and endeavour to reflect their sentiments in the Club.

Each event will also allow members and sponsors to access many opportunities through networking, relationship building, business development, and also raising the awareness of the mining and resources sector’s increasingly large economic impact in the Asian financial/investment sector. In addition, the Club aims to provide a platform for its members to raise any issues about the industry which can be discussed at each gathering.